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What do we expect from a racing game? Of course, high speeds, cool cars and vivid emotions. Adrenaline from competition and triumph from victory. As well as opportunities to develop, pumping your car, increasing its characteristics and reaching new heights. All this is available in Hill Climb Racing, and what the original game lacked more than compensated for the numerous updates collected on our website!

In this version of the game you will find all the existing additions to the main gameplay. You will find a variety of locations and tests, which only an experienced rider can do. Is it easy to make your way through the hot sands of the desert, in which the wheels get stuck? And fit into sharp turns on the icy mountain roads of the far north? Riding around a busy city at night when visibility is limited and an accident can occur at any second? All this you have to experience in the updated version of Hill Climb Racing!

New types of vehicles and spare parts were also added to the game. Now you can ride on the most incredible cars, maneuver on a one-wheeled vehicle and go into drifts on an ultra-fast motorcycle, break through the ranks of opponents in a heavy truck or even a tank, rush along the streets in an ambulance or scare your opponents with a police flasher! New types of tires, motor, bumpers and other elements are available for pumping and replacement, which will make your car more powerful, faster and protect it from collisions.

You can try your hand in different modes. If you are not yet sure about your driving skills, you can practice against bots in single player races, and then go online. Competitions and tournaments are regularly held, where you can measure strength with other players and win valuable prizes. In addition, you will find a free daily bonus in the store! Play Hill Climb Racing online and discover new opportunities with our updates!