Hill Climb Racing 4

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Imagine: you are sitting behind the wheel of a powerful car, which stands on the starting line of a winding road. A few seconds were left before the arrival. Your foot is on the gas pedals, your hands are clutching the steering wheel, ready to turn and spin it to the maximum to balance at the coolest turns, sweat is already appearing on your forehead … And now a signal sounds, the cars start and you headlong into the unknown! Hill Climb Racing 4 has prepared for you the most difficult and intricate tracks with many obstacles that not everyone can survive on. What are your chances to win in this frantic race, where everyone strives to take first place, pushing opponents and running all the way to win? Test your driving skills by playing the last part of your favorite racing simulator online!

No matter where fate destroys you – on busy streets of a metropolis, in wild wastelands and impenetrable forests, on the ice of the Arctic or on moon craters – do not lose your temper and be ready for unexpected maneuvers. In this game, only people with a good reaction and ability to concentrate win, because you need to not only follow the track, which winds in the most unpredictable ways, but also select coins scattered around it. This money will be useful to you to improve the characteristics of the car, purchase spare parts, unlock new types of vehicles and locations. After all, it is much easier to drive through the desert on an all-terrain vehicle than on a race car. And, of course, in the northern expanses, the snowmobile will be the most effective choice. You have yet to buy all this, so coins will not be superfluous. They can also be obtained by performing tricks – well, you hardly have to be asked for it!

The final goal of the game depends on the mode selected. In endless mode, you just drive along the highway for as long as you can. The longer you cover the length of the path until you break up or until you run out of gas, the more money you collect. Everything becomes more complicated if you decide to ride on time. After all, your time for the game will be limited and you will have to go as quickly as possible, which will increase profits. Well, of course, you can compete with other players in various races and tournaments. For this, special awards are waiting for you, as well as a rating upgrade. It’s always nice to see your name on the top positions of the leaderboards! There are many more surprises and discoveries waiting for you in Hill Climb Racing 4!