Hill Climb Racing

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Welcome to a very simple and highly entertaining game Hill Climb Racing that won’t leave anyone indifferent! Over thirty of the most diverse locations are waiting for you: there are space, and caves, and cute snowy tracks, and many others. At the first entrance, you’ll have access to the “Countryside” – green meadows with steep slopes and your very first car, a simple jeep. All other maps and vehicles must be purchased for the money you’ll win in the races.

Each location includes an infinite number of levels that open every 200-300 meters. After completing the level you’ll receive a generous reward of several thousand coins. You can get coins in several other ways. A decent amount is scattered right on the track and you can simply pick them up while traveling. Some are also granted for being in the air as long as possible having previously properly dispersed or twisting somersaults. These stunts require some experience, but you’ll surely learn to do them with time!

In addition to a large number of maps to try out, the game has many vehicles that are adapted for certain tracks. Here you are offered a ride on a motorcycle, tractor, moon rover and even have the ability test the tank. All these facilities can be improved to drive as much as possible. And what makes Him Climb Racing especially fun during the winter holidays is that you can ride a sleigh with deers dressed as Santa at Christmas-themed locations or at the North Pole! There is also a wonderful location, the Moon, on which the car flies the main part of the race due to weak gravity, which means you can collect a huge amount of coins in a rather short period of time.

The goal is always the same and quite understandable: to drive as far as possible. But there are many different obstacles ahead. Steep slopes, trees, swamps, toxic substances and other dangers won’t let you perform your task that easily. Some of them slow down the movement and are a risk of breaking the neck, some of them destroy the fuel supply, which you already will constantly miss. After all, replenishment is quite rare, especially when you have traveled more than 1000 meters. Controls are intuitive and convenient, by pressing the gas and brake pedals. Even a small kid will easily master them. Rich and vibrant colors, high-quality rendering of details and many hours of dynamic, fascinating gameplay are waiting for you in the vastness of Hill Climb Racing!