Hill Climb Racing 2

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Here is another great off-road racing game that will send you overcoming harsh obstacles and driving as fast as you can! Now with fun graphics and extreme minimalism in everything! In Hill Climb Racing 2, players are encouraged to drive an SUV at a fairly difficult distance, collecting coins and fuel cans. There are four sections in the game, each with its own type of transport: a jeep, a motocross bike, a jeep monster and a racing car. Initially, only the first car is available, the rest will have to be unlocked for the very coins collected on the tracks. Having chosen the type of transport, we proceed to the selection of one of the eight routes. A similar situation is observed here: only the first is open – the rest for coins.

On selecting the track, you will see four options for upgrading your iron horse. You can improve the engine, suspension, tires and four-wheel drive. Each item has its own cost, which increases with each level purchased. For all improvements, the maximum level is different. After all the preparations are completed and the choice is made, you can start the race.

As already mentioned, Hill Climb Racing 2 has eight tracks to choose from. They differ in the relief, the difficulty of the road surface and… gravity. There is even one to drive on the moon! The tracks themselves are endless, but the further you advance, the more difficult it becomes. For control, only two buttons are used: gas and brake – no deviations forward and backward are changed here. The player’s task is to drive forward, avoiding the upheavals that lead to the death of the driver and monitoring the fuel level. The canisters are scattered quite generously, but get involved in the speed of the snail will not work.
Pretty simple gameplay is still very addictive, there is excitement to go on, collect more coins and discover something new. There is an easier way – buying game coins for real money.

The physical model in the arcade is implemented very well, and considering the places where you have to travel, it’s completely fine. The graphics and sound in Hill Climb Racing are average, but in this case it doesn’t affect the interest in the game. On the contrary, you don’t get distracted by unnecessary details and can fully concentrate on the gameplay. The cute visuals are attractive both for adults and children, so Hill Climb Racing 2 can definitely be called a family racing game you definitely need to try out!