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Let us introduce to you this charming and enterprising guy. His name is Newton Bill and he wants to become the best racer ever. Our hero has been living in a small town for whole his life and now he finally wants to see the world and make his dream come true. He is a very young but ambitious and fearless racer who decided to go to places where not a single car has traveled yet. Under your guidance, Newton will face numerous obstacles, mountains, pit holes, as well as the laws of physics, which he must overcome. Are you ready to help him in that? The let’s begin!

Hill Climb Racing takes place on fictional racing tracks that will take the player to different parts of the globe. For example, trails in the mountains, countryside, on the beach, in the forest, and even on Mars, a volcano and in an Arctic cave. The gameplay is rather simple and tasks the player to control just two car pedals – gas and brake. Your goal is to reach the finish line intact and collect all the coins that are on the track. Coins are issued not only for the level passed, but also for the tricks that he performs during the passage. When driving, the car consumes fuel, or solar energy, if the car runs on solar panels. To replenish fuel, it is necessary to collect objects that are scattered in locations. If the hero rolls over on the car and dies, or the car runs out of fuel, the player will be counted as a defeat, and it will be necessary to start the level anew. You can spend the money earned on new cars, tuning, as well as on new tracks.

Simple and fun! And also challenging. To perform all the stunts correctly and remain unharmed, you’re going to need a lot of practice. But the more pride you will take in your achievements when you’ll finally save up to buy a new car! Well, Newton is ready to go and is only waiting for you to join him. Time to set off!