Hill Climb Racing 3

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Hill Climb Racing 3 is here and it’s even more thrilling, daring and fun than before! Once again you will take a breakneck trip up a steep hill in a hope to come to the finish line faster than your opponents and earn a hefty sum of money. Will you be able to do it this time? Sure, with a range of new locations and vehicles added by the developers!

The contests of Hill Climb Racing run at different times of the day, in any weather. You can speed up through a night city or race in the pouring rain, check out the snow-covered tracks of the North and the scorching deserts of the South. Every terrain has its peculiarities. It’s easiest to drive along a smooth asphalt highway, but you won’t always be that lucky. Sometimes you’ll be thrown to get stuck in the grass, sand or even water. And you’ll have to deal with that. Fortunately, you can choose a car to drive before the start of the race, so after you get the hang of all the mechanics you’ll know which models to pick for different locations.

The appearance of the game isn’t very realistic. It doesn’t offer any high-precision detail, lifelike car models or expensive visual effect for full immersion. Instead, it focuses on physics. The controls are maximally close to those of a real car. So when you push a certain button or calculate the trajectory of your next move, your vehicle won’t do any unimaginable tricks that contradict physical laws. Good eye and quick reflexes are absolutely required to thrive on the track.

As to the cars themselves, there is a solid choice of them, from regular models to racing cars, from buses and trucks to war tanks. There are bikes and ambulances, one-wheelers and other hilarious options. Each of them has its own peculiarities, strong and weak sides. Some can be effective on one type of terrain and completely useless on another. It takes experience to learn all these details. To unlock a new transport, you need money that you will get for successfully completing the level and also collect on the track. Indulging in stunts will also bring you additional income. But you don’t necessarily need to buy a new car – you can spend your prize on upgrading the one you already have. All spare parts can be upgraded and replaced to come up with a set of parameters that best suit your driving style. Hill Climb Racing 3 is definitely an entertaining and gripping game that offers several modes to try and a good balance of features to keep you playing for hours. Set out right now and push the gas!