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Hill Climb Racing is definitely a wonderful game, but despite all its seeming simplicity there are many nuances you should be aware of to succeed. The task of the player is to pass a maximal distance of the track and get as much money as possible. To do that, you need to choose your car correctly. Since their parameters differ greatly, not all of them are equally suitable for any tracks. Here are some of the most popular models available in the game and recommendations on how to use them.

Jeep is the first car in the game that is given for free, so you just can’t complain about it. You can tune it and even win races on it, but it’s worth to save up and buy something better. For instance, super jeep. It has a built-in protection system and is good for passing mountain tracks. But note that it’s not perfectly stable.

If stability is not your point of concern, you can pick scooter. It speeds up in a wink and is highly maneuverable that is a definite plus in races with many experienced opponents. Those who love to perform stunts will appreciate a motocross with its high jumpability. Besides, it’s very light and doesn’t get stuck in water or sand.

Wanna try something more sizeable? One of the recent additions is the bus. It’s clumsy, not so fast and epically crushes when driving into an obstacle. In the end, there is only a driver on one wheel left. But don’t think this is the end! Even as such, you can keep racing and finish off first. And of course, fans of heavy transport shouldn’t omit the good old tank. It’s almost impossible to overturn and it moves smoothly over any terrain. However, it has low speed and a small fuel can.

Finally, we shouldn’t forget about a wide assortment of racing cars! The name speaks for itself – high speeds, great maneuverability. But, unfortunately, low protection and expensive tuning. Well, it seems there is just no such thing as a perfect car! Hopefully, this little guide will be of use to you in your next Hill Climb Racing contest!